The Virtual Center for Advanced Potential

VCAP aims to support the research of talent development and foster a global network of leading researchers.



The Virtual Center for Advanced Potential (VCAP) supports novel, interdisciplinary research on how to best identify, nurture, and develop talent and genius in all its forms, and match it to opportunity to serve others. Through a combination of gifts, grants, and awards, VCAP will foster a global network of researchers working to find solutions to improve the collective understanding of talent development, and the drivers of exceptional performance and success.


Talent is evenly distributed, while opportunity is not. Without novel tools to identify and support exceptional people, humanity will never unleash the full spectrum of human brilliance to solve the hardest problems. In an effort to correct this inequity, VCAP will strive to identify new pathways and access to afford everyone the opportunity to realize their potential. The Center aims to unleash all the untapped potential of brilliant people who have never had the opportunity to apply their talents for the public good. It will seek to find and create more effective tools to identify and support exceptional people, especially from communities that are traditionally overlooked and underrepresented. It will focus on brilliance in many forms, and at various stages of development.

"VCAP will develop collaborative research networks across the world dedicated to enhancing our understanding of human performance from a variety of domains, and diverse geographical and cultural contexts,” – Eddie Mandhry, Senior Fellow at Schmidt Futures.

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Work we’re doing for science

We build networks of brilliant researchers at different career stages. We lead Virtual Institutes of Science to solve hard problems across locations and fields using modern tools.