Two boys looking at their laptops Two boys looking at their laptops

Positive Social Uses of Technology

We promote thoughtful uses of technology, such as by advancing universal broadband and the bioeconomy, to improve people’s lives.


Plaintext Group

The Plaintext Group is a nonpartisan, technology innovation policy initiative working to strengthen U.S. leadership through the advancement of technological exploration and scientific discovery. Plaintext brings together technologists and policy professionals to translate complex technical concepts into comprehensible “plain text” for policymakers, researchers, philanthropies, and nonprofits. We aim to inform debate by producing novel, relevant, and considered research insights into today’s most important technology innovation policy issues, including AI research and development, semiconductor manufacturing, modernization of government, and more.

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Synthetic Biology

The Task Force on Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy aims to develop recommendations and a strategy to help realize the potential of the U.S. bioeconomy for public benefit. A key focus of the task force is to bring multiple types of capital to bear to accelerate and expand biotechnology applications, including carbon management and sustainability. Members of the task force include subject matter experts across academic disciplines, including physics, ethics, and synthetic biology; venture capitalists and industry leaders from both small and large companies; and leaders from the biotechnology consortia.

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Connectivity & Access

The Connectivity and Access program aims to promote shared prosperity by making high-speed internet universally accessible and affordable, and to use that increased accessibility to grow access to public benefits.

Man and woman talking to each other in office Man and woman talking to each other in office

Work we’re doing for society

We imagine a future in which everyone can benefit from the progress of the digital age. We bet on innovators, sometimes from a young age and for life, and build teams promoting thoughtful uses of technology and shared prosperity.