Group of Rise program participants Group of Rise program participants


Rise is a program that finds promising young people and provides opportunity for life as they work to serve others.



Schmidt Futures bets early on exceptional people working to solve hard problems in science and society.


To achieve this mission, Rise finds promising young people and provides opportunity for life as they work to serve others.


The program starts at ages 15-17 and encourages a lifetime of service and learning by providing support that includes need-based scholarships, mentorship, networking, access to career development opportunities, and the potential for additional funding as Rise Global Winners work toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems.


By identifying emerging talent in all disciplines, we can support people and their ideas as they work on solutions we can’t even imagine today. Using technical platforms and other tools, Rise invites network members with common interests to connect, collaborate, and make service commitments to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Our global network includes applicants, winners, teachers, partners, and other organizations who wish to support them in serving others.


If one person alone can change the world, imagine what a network of exceptional people can do together throughout their lives. That is the vision of Rise.


An initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust, Rise is the anchor program of a $1 billion commitment from Eric and Wendy Schmidt to find and support global talent. 

Group of people paying attention Group of people paying attention

Our impact

The Rise program’s impact in the world includes:

150,000 applicants from over 170 countries
200 Rise Global Winners from 69 countries
22 languages spoken by first cohort of Rise Global Winners

This is what brilliant looks like

What makes Rise different?

01: Benefits

We offer benefits that  make this one of the largest award programs for individuals in the world.

02: Rise is a global community

We connect talent from over 170 countries, with inaugural Global Winners hailing from 42 countries across 6 continents.

03: Rise looks for brilliance

We look for hidden brilliance, in whatever form it takes, wherever it is in the world.

Ready to get involved? Visit the Rise website for more details.