Group of people working together with whiteboard Group of people working together with whiteboard

Mobilizing Talent to Solve Problems

Mobilizing talent to solve specific hard problems in science and society, and helping them to work across fields and organizations for better results.


Our initiatives

More Advanced Computing into STEM R&D

We advance STEM R&D through the thoughtful use of modern tools such as optimization techniques and machine learning that make possible new levels of ambition, scale, and efficiency. Most of our work in this area takes place through the Schmidt Futures Virtual institutes of Science, which focus scientists from across disciplines and locations towards solving hard problems together in a time bound manner.    

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Positive Social Uses of Technology

We promote thoughtful uses of technology, such as by advancing universal broadband and the bioeconomy, to improve people’s lives.

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Shared Prosperity

We aim to reduce disparities and to promote shared success in society, betting on innovators and collaborative efforts to increase competitiveness and prosperity for all.

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Creating Platforms for Scale