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International Strategy Forum

International Strategy Forum aims to forge an interdisciplinary network of rising leaders to strengthen progress and security amid technological innovation and a changing world order.



International Strategy Forum bets early on the next generation of problem solvers with extraordinary potential in geopolitics, innovation, and public leadership. International Strategy Forum seeks out non-traditional talent across boardrooms, newsrooms, laboratories, policy-making councils, foundations, and beyond. International Strategy Forum then knits that talent together into a lifelong community, pairing fellows with mentors and providing them with a framework to better analyze and tackle hard strategic problems in global affairs.

Girl looking away with people behind her Girl looking away with people behind her

Our impact

The International Strategy Forum’s impact in the world includes:

1,000+ at-risk Afghans evacuated in 2021 by Schmidt Futures programs, including ISF
55 fellows selected across 20+ disciplines from over 300 nominators
3 global convenings planned for 2022

Featured fellows

Girl standing in front of group of people Girl standing in front of group of people

Building networks of talent

We are working to create the best, largest, and most persistent network of exceptional people ready to make the world better together. Too many brilliant people with breakthrough ideas are never found, recognized, or given a voice. We aim to change that.