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Work we’re doing for society

We imagine a future in which everyone can benefit from the progress of the digital age. We bet on innovators, sometimes from a young age, and build teams promoting thoughtful uses of technology and shared prosperity.



Too many people are excluded from advances of the past 20 years, reducing competitiveness and shrinking the middle class. The pandemic has made these disparities worse. 


Our work to support society takes multiple forms.  We bet early on talented people in a wide range of disciplines and at different stages in their careers.  For example, through our flagship program Rise we bet on exceptional young people worldwide as they support others throughout their lives. We also support networks of talent from specific fields — leaders in global affairs to computer scientists to social entrepreneurs.  Crowding in talent from this network, we build teams and institutions from across fields to solve specific hard problems.  For instance, we support a task force on synthetic biology and the bioeconomy and have co-created several different efforts to promote shared prosperity in society, such as the Families & Workers Fund and the Alliance for the American Dream.  We also work to improve learning worldwide through the use of modern computing.

The work we’re doing to make a difference in our society includes:


Rise finds brilliant people who need opportunity and supports them as they work to serve others. 

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Technologists for Global Transformation

The Schmidt Futures Technologists for Global Transformation (TGT) program is a first-of-its-kind pathway for cohorts of university graduates to use their technical degrees for public benefit.

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International Strategy Forum

International Strategy Forum aims to forge an interdisciplinary network of rising leaders to strengthen progress and security amid technological innovation and a changing world order. 

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Innovation Fellows

The Innovation Fellows program supports extraordinary mid-career individuals and teams with ideas to apply  technology thoughtfully to solve important societal challenges.

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Shared Prosperity

We aim to reduce disparities and to promote shared success in society, betting on innovators and collaborative efforts to increase competitiveness and prosperity for all.

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For Science

We build networks of brilliant researchers at different career stages. We lead Virtual Institutes of Science to solve hard problems across locations and fields using modern tools.