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Building Networks of Talent

Creating the best, largest, and most persistent pipeline of exceptional talent globally and matching it to opportunity to serve others.

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Rise is a program that finds promising young people and provides opportunity for life as they work to serve others.



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Technologists for Global Transformation

The Technologists for Global Transformation program (formerly the Associate Product Manager program, or APM) develops and deploys an exceptional network of early career technologists to solve systemic global challenges for public benefit.

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International Strategy Forum

International Strategy Forum aims to forge an interdisciplinary network of rising leaders to strengthen progress and security amid technological innovation and a changing world order.

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Innovation Fellows

The Innovation Fellows program supports extraordinary mid-career individuals and teams with ideas to apply  technology thoughtfully to solve important societal challenges.

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Schmidt Science Fellows

The Schmidt Science Fellows program brings together the world’s best emerging scientists and places them in a postdoctoral fellowship in a field different from their existing expertise.

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The Quad Fellowship

The Quad Fellowship provides scholarships and builds networks for the next generation of scientists and technologists from Australia, India, Japan, and the United States. The fellowship was announced by President Biden during the 2021 Quad Leaders’ Summit and is operated by Schmidt Futures in consultation with a non-governmental task force. 

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Israeli Women’s Postdoctoral Award

The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Postdoctoral Award for Women in Mathematical and Computing Sciences supports promising women in Israel pursuing a postdoctoral fellowship in the mathematical and computational sciences or engineering at a major institution outside of Israel. Each award recipient receives a grant upon beginning a postdoctoral or early career research fellowship.

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Schmidt Science Polymaths

The Polymath Program bets on intensely creative, recently-tenured professors with remarkable multidisciplinary track records, promising futures, and research ideas that cross field boundaries and could lead to impactful breakthroughs.

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Entrepreneur in Residence

The Entrepreneur In Residence program provides talented social entrepreneurs with the opportunity to incubate new ideas for public benefit and support efforts with the potential to change entire sectors at scale. Current entrepreneurs are in residence at Schmidt Futures for two years.

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications

The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Awards for Excellence in Science Communications aim to inspire a new generation of science journalists and research scientists to engage the public with complex ideas in science, technology, and engineering, and to encourage continuing excellence in the field.

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The Virtual Center for Advanced Potential

The Virtual Center for Advanced Potential (VCAP) supports novel, interdisciplinary research on how to best identify, nurture, and develop talent and genius in all its forms, and match it to opportunity to serve others.

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Futures Fellows for Democracy

The Futures Fellows for Democracy program aims to identify and support extraordinary leaders working on the most compelling new ideas to strengthen and advance democracy. Betting early on exceptional talent, the program is designed to lift up the next generation of democracy champions, offering them access to professional development opportunities, mentorship, and a forum to cultivate the relationships that will catalyze the impact of their work.  In its inaugural year, the program will select Fellows with bold new approaches to building an inclusive, multiracial democracy in particular.

Eric and Wendy Schmidt AI in Science Postdoctoral Fellowship, a program of Schmidt Futures

The Schmidt AI in Science Postdocs program aims to accelerate the next scientific revolution by applying AI to research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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Tekalo is a platform bridging the gap between tech talent and impact-driven opportunities.

Traditionally, tech talent has been primarily shown opportunities limited to the traditional for-profit tech industry, but other opportunities exist to utilize technology to build a better world ranging from fighting climate change to upholding human rights.

The platform matches software engineers, product managers, designers and data analysts to full-time and part-time opportunities at a select set of impact-driven and public service organizations.

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Mobilizing Talent to Solve Hard Problems