AI2050 will support exceptional people working on key opportunities and hard problems that are critical to get right for society to benefit from AI.



“It’s 2050. AI has turned out to be hugely beneficial to society. What happened? What are the most important problems we solved and the opportunities and possibilities we realized to ensure this outcome?”


This is AI2050’s motivating question. The initiative aims to answer this question by making awards to support work conducted by researchers from across the globe and at various stages in their careers.

AI2050's work


AI2050 will issue awards to support work conducted by researchers. These awards will primarily aim to enable and encourage bold and ambitious work, often multi-disciplinary, that is typically hard to fund but socially beneficial. Awards will be given for exceptional work tackling one or multiple items from a working list of hard problems.


Work supported by AI2050 will be open-source and published, in order that society can benefit from this important work. This includes research from the award recipient network, from our collaborations with leading groups, and from the initiative itself.


AI2050 Fellows will come from around the globe, and include qualified researchers and practitioners in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Through this initiative, we will plan to support talented researchers at various stages of their careers, to help encourage the next generation of researchers to focus on the hard problems in AI. AI2050 Fellows, our expert group, the broader AI community, and other stakeholders will regularly convene to discuss and advance the work of the initiative.

How to get involved

In the coming months, the initiative will share more information about ways to get involved with AI2050 and the nomination approach for AI2050 Fellows. The initiative aims to name its next round of AI2050 Fellows later this year.

The initiative is excited for the community’s feedback on the list. Please reach out via the link at the top of this page.

Working list of hard problems

Drawing on previous work in AI, and through numerous conversations with other experts, the initiative has developed an initial working list of the hard problems for AI2050 to take on. This list is aimed at realizing the opportunity for society from AI and addressing the risks and challenges that could result from it. This list will be updated often as society’s use of AI continues to evolve.

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