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From undiscovered talent to unimagined possibilities

The promising. The overlooked. The experimental. Visionaries who could do so much more if given the opportunity. We find people who stand apart and help them stand together to make things better for all of us.


In our work, we do three things:

We build networks of exceptional people. We focus and mobilize these networks of talent to solve specific problems in science and society. We create platforms to scale solutions that work.

Building networks of talent

Creating the best, largest, and most persistent pipeline of exceptional talent globally and matching it to opportunity to serve others for life

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Mobilizing talent to solve hard problems

Mobilizing talent to solve specific hard problems in science and society, and helping them to work across fields and organizations for better results

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Creating platforms for scale

Advancing “common goods for common good” — open-source data, systems, equipment, and partnerships to help the best ideas and research efforts to grow and replicate.

What we’re doing for science

This can be a golden age for scientific discovery. Technologies such as optimization techniques and machine learning make possible levels of ambition, scale, and efficiency that were unimaginable 20 years ago. We build networks of researchers. We lead Virtual Institutes to solve hard problems across locations and fields using modern tools, and create shared equipment and data.

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What we’re doing for society

Too many people are excluded from advances of the past 20 years, reducing competitiveness and shrinking the middle class. The pandemic has made these disparities worse. We imagine a future in which everyone can participate in and benefit from the progress of the digital age. We bet on innovators. We build teams promoting thoughtful uses of technology and shared prosperity.

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