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Our founders

Eric Schmidt headshot

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is an accomplished technologist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. As Google’s Chief Executive Officer, he pioneered Google’s transformation from a Silicon Valley startup to a global leader in technology. He served as Google’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman...

Wendy Schmidt headshot

Wendy Schmidt

Wendy Schmidt is a philanthropist and investor who has spent the past 14 years creating innovative non-profit organizations to address challenges facing communities around the world, working for clean, renewable energy, healthy food systems, healthy oceans and the protection of human rights...

Our team

?> Kuljot Anand headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> Jason Berkenfeld headshot

Managing Director

?> Katherine Binney headshot

Associate, Strategy

?> Jordan Blashek headshot


?> Janine Brady headshot

Managing Director, Communications

?> Eric Braverman headshot


?> Barbara Bush headshot


?> Stacy Chacko headshot

Manager, Recruiting

?> Sincere Cheong headshot

Associate Product Manager

?> Dana Chermesh-Reshef headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> Andrew Choi headshot


?> Joni Cooper headshot


?> Kimani Cordero headshot

Senior Office Administrator

?> Cassie Crockett headshot

Vice President, Talent Engine

?> Chris Crowley headshot

Manager, Operations

?> Stuart Feldman headshot

Chief Scientist

?> Anjali Fernandes headshot

Associate, Talent Ventures

?> Kumar Garg headshot

Vice President, Partnerships

?> Mark German headshot

Managing Director, Operations, Rise

?> Jamaal Glenn headshot


?> Lakiyah Glivens headshot

Administrative Assistant

?> Adam Hammer headshot

Managing Director and Head of Strategy

?> Caroline Hartman headshot

Associate, Communications

?> headshot coming soon

Office Administrator

?> Andrea Hodgson headshot


?> Danielle Holman headshot

Manager, Talent

?> Spencer Horne headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> Victoria Houed headshot


?> Annalise Irby headshot

Senior Associate Product Manager

?> Tom Kalil headshot

Chief Innovation Officer

?> Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg headshot

Executive Director, Rise

?> Ronit Kanwar headshot


?> Ruby Khan headshot

Associate, Strategy

?> Gordon Kramer headshot

Manager, Delivery

?> Daniel Lee headshot

Program Scientist

?> Jake Leffew headshot

Senior Analyst

?> Jonathan Lipman headshot

Associate Product Manager

?> Frank Long headshot


?> Jodi Lowe headshot

Associate, Rise

?> Amotz Maimon headshot

Distinguished Technology Fellow

?> Greg Manne headshot

Manager, Selection and Outreach, Rise

?> Jesse Marks headshot

Vice President, Finance and Operations, Schmidt Futures

?> Neiman Mathew headshot


?> Mary Maxon headshot

Senior Fellow

?> Kyle McEneaney headshot

Senior Fellow

?> Kristina McRobinson-Summers Headshot

Senior Recruiting Coordinator

?> Arian Milani headshot

Operations Assistant

?> Andrew Moore headshot

Manager and Special Counselor

?> headshot coming soon

Senior Manager, Partnerships, Rise

?> Jackie Murphy headshot

Global Director, Human Resources

?> Joshua Nott headshot

Senior Associate

?> Adedoyin Olateru-Olagbegi headshot

Associate Product Manager

?> Karan Patel headshot

Senior Human Resources Coordinator

?> Megan Patel headshot

Senior Manager

?> Matt Pierri headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> headshot coming soon

Community Specialist

?> Olivia Randall headshot


?> Matias Recchia headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> James Ricci headshot

Senior Program Scientist

?> Daniel Rice headshot

Senior Analyst

?> headshot coming soon

Senior Operations Administrator

?> Hadar Sachs headshot


?> Nuha Saho headshot

Senior Analyst

?> Jeba Sania headshot

Senior Associate Product Manager

?> Jim Savage headshot

Director, Data Science

?> Cori Schattner headshot

Product Manager, Rise

?> Zoe Schlag headshot

Entrepreneur in Residence

?> Unekwu-Ojo Shaibu headshot

Associate Product Manager

?> Yonadav Shavit headshot


?> Wilson Shirley headshot


?> Aaron Sisto headshot

Director of Engineering

?> Diana Skurka headshot

Managing Director and Head of Community

?> Lacey Strahm headshot


?> Chase Thomas headshot

Senior Associate Product Manager

?> Sonia Thosar headshot


?> Adam Topper headshot

Administrative Manager, Office of Eric Schmidt

?> Eiko Tsukamoto headshot

Senior Manager, Student Experience, Rise

?> Ian Veidenheimer headshot


?> Mercedes Vinciguerra headshot

Manager, Executive Office

?> Jason Wang headshot

Entrepreneur In Residence

?> Joyce Wang headshot

Senior Associate Product Manager

?> Tracy Want-Leslie headshot

Administrative Manager, Office of Eric Schmidt

?> Rebecca Warren headshot

Director, Program Design, Rise

?> Zoe Weinberg headshot


?> Daniele Weiss headshot

Senior Community Specialist

?> Christien Williams headshot

Associate Product Manager

?> Tony Woods headshot

Executive Director, Quad Fellowships

?> Elizabeth Young McNally headshot

Executive Vice President

?> Jacob Zionce headshot

Special Advisor to the CEO


?> James Manyika headshot

Senior Advisor

?> Fareed Zakaria headshot

Senior Advisor

Want to work with us?

There has never been a better time to be in the business of helping others.  To bet on the exceptional, we need an exceptional team.  If you care about building a network of the world’s sharpest minds to solve hard problems in science and society, find your next career here.

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